Rachel Heseltine Live Artist Talk

Wed, Nov 11, 2020 6PM – 7PM (GMT)

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An Exhibition by Artist Rachel Heseltine

Ocean Studios 22nd October – 14th November 2020

Rachel Heseltine is a visual artist based in Plymouth, UK.

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Artist’s Statement – Rachel Heseltine

The exhibition divides into two groups;

  1. The jester as an archetype.
  2. Corrections.

The groups are reflections on how I find the world which I believe will resonate with many other people.

The jester is a star child. The archetype of the jester likes to be happy, enjoys life, a good joke and lives in the moment. However there is also the flip side or shadow. The shadow jester lives in the moment, enjoys a bad joke, needs instant gratification and causes destructive calamities to themselves and those around them.

Corrections are the physical results of our behaviour. There are real fears and anxieties within us today. People are fearful that the world of the shadow jester is the force that is controlling our lives.

I envisage the world as a living entity and like us it needs to be kept physically in equilibrium. To maintain that equilibrium, corrections have to be made. We are currently exploiting our host and as a result we are experiencing, loss of bio diversity, over population with a consequent increase in various plagues, and climate change. The host is making a correction, but it may not include us.

To express my ideas I use printmaking, painting, video and video installations.

In my 2D work I use texture, colour, or stark black and white. I am trying to show movement and change. My video making, because of its inherent timeline, seems to tell a story, but in a rather surreal dreamlike way, with a touch of magic realism. The videos were conceived in each case as part of installations, which cannot be mounted at present, due to Covid restrictions. I hope to show them as installations in the future.

However change can also be by chance. With the roll of the dice equilibrium is lost, a correction is taking place, and when the movement stops, and the face of the poker has changed then equilibrium is restored. The correction is completed.

The visual content is drawn from the world around me This is a coastal city with a big tidal range, heavy storms from the South West, and a bleak moorland. But on a fine, languorous summer day, it is paradise, hence the two images of that name. I fear we may lose that, and so the landscapes often seem bleak.

The content also comes from my imagination and is influenced by books I’ve read such as Alice in Wonderland, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and also films I have seen such as Peter Greenaway’s film Prospero’s Books and Tim Burton’s film Alice in Wonderland and Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalypse Now

The following artists have also had some influence: Francis Bacon, Paul Nash, James Ensor, Paula Rego, Anselm Keifer, Peter Doig, Anish Kapoor.